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Translator Selection

At MARVELLOR, we pride ourselves on the quality and caliber of our global language consultants. It is the people that make our company. Our translation and production quality are directly related to the impressive skill of our qualified translators. When recruiting linguists, we make sure only linguists with the top band of suitable language certificates or equivalent experiences are considered. Our linguists must go through an extensive test to prove that they are capable of performing at the level required at MARVELLOR. New joiners undergo a training process to reach the quality standard we require, and until then, they cannot touch a single live project. The highest priority policy at MARVELLOR is: never put quality at risk! For this reason, we never handle projects that fall outside of our expertise.

translator selection

Technical and Language Pre-Qualifications

Before a language expert can even be considered in MARVELLOR's global network, each must first have demonstrated, through education and practical experience, a specialized expertise in one or more technical, legal, and business backgrounds. All candidates must have substantial experience in translation services as well as extensive industry practice in both the translator's native country and abroad. Finally, only linguists who are native to the target language and have familiarity with the culture of the target audience are considered.

Translation Expertise

All MARVELLOR translators and revisers are expert in both the source and target languages and have been active in translation industry more than 5 years.

MARVELLOR provides the requisite expertise to precisely and accurately translate your project.


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