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Localization refers to the process of customizing a product for consumers in a target market so that when they use it, they form the impression that it was designed by a native of their own country.

As your company expands and delivers products and services to an increasing number of international markets, it is essential to localize your products and content in the global community. Each product and service must be customized to meet specific cultural, language, legal and technical requirements in each target market.

With hundreds of language professionals in nearly every market in the world, MARVELLOR has an extensive network of expert staff native to each localized target market. This staff produces localized products specially tailored to their native culture and country.

Website Localization

For many companies, web site localization becomes inevitable. But as web sites become increasingly more complex, so does the challenge of web localization.

Website Localization

With the most experienced team of terminologists, translators, engineers, and linguists, MARVELLOR pays attention to every detail to ensure that the localized web site accurately represents your corporate image in the target overseas markets.

MARVELLOR's team will make sure your web site becomes much more than an international facade; we ensure a tool that will tap into the full potential of your overseas target market for increased revenue generation.

Software Localization

From simple string translation to re-engineering enterprise systems, software localization is a complex project that demands a wide variety of resources. MARVELLOR's experienced terminologists, translators, engineers, and linguists combine efforts in a team approach to produce localized software products for international needs.

Software Localization

MARVELLOR helps its clients quickly release high-quality products into international markets simultaneously, thus increasing the client's market share and profit, and contributing to their prestigious international reputation.

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